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Oct. 3rd, 2017 04:52 pm
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Questions, comments, complaints?

Anything about how I play Raven can be left  here.
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General Information
Name: Raven
Alias: Raven

- Her normal body back.
- Levitation.
- Her telekinesis
- The ability to make forcefields
- A bookshelf from her room

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[Phone: Annoyed girl is annoyed. Hey Mayfield]

That did not happen and no I do not want to talk about it. 

[Click. Call back at your own peril. Raven is just going to stay in her room forever....well not forever. If you don't want to call back, but want to talk to her about that crazy spell, she can be found....]

[A. At the store, Raven has decided the jacket she's found just doesn't cut it anymore. So she's spreading out some blue fabric out and trying to figure out how much she needs to buy to make a cloak. 

B. School, Raven is the quiet one in the corner with a book and a blue hood hiding her face from the world. Yeah, she looks a little out of place. If you are caught staring she'll just look over.]


[C In the park, in a secluded area, there is a girl sitting crossed legged and chanting to herself. She looks like she might be meditating.] 

Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos
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[Raven hadn't thought much of eating mushrooms for a snack. She was out for a walk when it starts to take effect. And it all starts when she hears what sounds like chanting off in the distance.....

The Gem Was Born.... )
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[Action For Housemates: Raven wakes up and discovers she's not in her own room anymore. Jumping up, she tries to calm herself down before...before.....

Her powers.....

Aren't fact she even looks different. Short black hair, less grey skin. Her chakra's gone as well as her normal clothes. She looks around the room and the slowly makes her way around the house. As she hunts around a table she knocks a phone over. You can hear a dry voice...]

Well either Mad Mod got tired of the British look or this is something new.....

[At that she notices the phone and picks it up.]

Hello? Robin, Beastboy, Starfire, Cyborg? anyone there? 

[A. There is a girl in a blue jacket, with the hood pulled up, looking around the town. It's quite clear she's new here. She has that, oh dear lord where am I, walk going on. Though her's is more tense, as though she's waiting for something to attack her.

B. In the park. Well a girl is trying to do something? She's chanting and pointing at a park bench...]

Azarath Metrion Zinthos! ....why isn't this working...

[C. The library. Okay, libraries she can deal with....Well she thought she could....Growing more and more frustrated as she flips through yet another romance book.]

Isn't there anything here that isn't a love story?


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